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About this site

Let me say that I am very pleased that you chose to access this site: basically, all the words that follow are designed to support just two ideas. First, the United States of America changed the course of the entire world by placing production ahead of aristocracy; second, the Founding Fathers’ idea of limiting the power of government is the best and most efficient way for individuals to gain happiness and material wealth.  Along the way, with your indulgence, you and I will identify the nature of our American society, how it was, how it is, and how and why it became that way. Some readers might say, “What a preposterous statement by a person who has no credentials!” The proof of the pudding is in the eating (that’s what my aunt Dot used to say).

I agree with you, I’m sitting here in my own little world, observing the world around me crumble, aching to yell to each of you to stop the pain. Don’t you see what “The Enemy”  are doing to us? For years, “The Enemy” hidden their power-ridden agenda; they are in control of the mainstream news-media, they are in near-control of our government, our legal system, our schools, and the economic foundation of our nation via improper government regulation.

I can hear you now: “How can this nobody think he can accomplish what he claims he is going to do?” To answer that question, let me just say that the hallmark of truth is consistency and simplicity – (I probably shouldn’t say this, but) I am a simple-minded individual. The fact is, the truths of life are not all that complicated: one plus one still equals two, directions of the compass do not change, up is still up.

On the other hand, each one of us can be misled by having surrounding conditions change, and listening to “The Enemy” explain why. There are many examples, nevertheless, one plus one will always equal two (until “The Enemy” get hold of the controls).

To begin, let me say that one of the goals of this work is to reveal and avoid symbolism without truth: another is to unmask symbolism hidden behind the veil of truth. You will find that in most instances that is not a difficult task because as I previously highlighted, truth is simple and uncomplicated. Many in the legal profession would have us believe otherwise: one thing is certain, they are correct when they say words mean things; however, time after time the unholy side of our legal professionals, have used words to advance an unholy alliance with agendas designed to gain power. The result is that they have indeed gained power; however, the power is on the downside of what made this nation great and powerful: in the long term, they are weakening our society. In short order, we will address the nature of the power of their exacting desires and deception.

From the standpoint of simple observations, I am going to highlight the insidious techniques used by “the other side” to imprison us under their web of deceit.

Many of us dislike titles and labels; however, sometimes labels are shortcuts designed to save time and effort: conservatism and liberalism are two examples. Neither one is evil in and of the confines of belief; however, we are tempted to use those two words liberally because they represent patterns of thought.

Former president Ronald Reagan stated his thought about liberal thinkers: “The trouble with our liberal friends is not that they’re ignorant: It’s just that they know so much that isn’t so.”

The liberals of whom he was referring, love titles and labels because they aid them in disarming their victims and coaxing them into believing they know what they are talking about. For example, there is no doubt that a person who holds a PhD is impressive, that title indicates a high degree of discipline; however, in order to affect substantive change, one need not possess a high school diploma or a college degree, a masters in psychology or a Ph.D. It is true that titles give an estimate of a person’s degree of knowledge; on the other hand, they have a disarming relationship to a person’s allegiance to truth and degree of intelligence. The fact is, simplicity is the primary agent of truth; on still another hand, “The Enemy” are masters at applying portions of truth to advance their agenda.

For example, one of the most oft quoted lines of error in history is, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but names (words) will never hurt me.” As a child, many of us remember hearing that phrase many, many times. It was almost always used as a response to being called a negative name, like ‘stupid’ or ‘ugly.’”

Remember that? “The phrase was designed to express the idea that, “If you hit me it might hurt, but calling me nasty names will have no effect on me.” It was probably originated by a liberal: I say that because it embodies the technique liberals use to disarm the rest of us. Words absolutely, incontrovertibly affect the emotions: words control people’s minds, and when a person’s mind is controlled, all else about him will follow as a matter of course.

In our society, the ultimate guardian of our word/thought-process is the United States Supreme Court. On the road to that lofty tribunal are the legal beagles: the lawyers, attorneys, magistrates.

Unfortunately, our liberties have been, and are being, high-jacked by the guardians of our thought-process, AKA the legal profession and the established mainstream news media.

What a shame.

Just one more thing: I think you will gain most from this site by following the order in which I advanced them. I start with:

1) “Why You Should Access This Site,” 2) “The Enemy,” 3) “Use and Misuse of Words,”   4) “Roadblocks to Progress,” 5) The Great American Struggle,”6) “Thinking Errors and Compromise,” 7) “Double Motive,” 8) “To Be Self-evident,” 9) Men of Character,” 10) “A New Beginning,” 11) Thinking Errors II,” 12) “The Organization of Protest,” 13) “Black Power,” 14) “Thinking Errors III,” 15) “Our Great Title is American,” 16) “Perception, Thinking Errors, Qualifications,” 17) “Continuity Statement, 18) “Frederick Douglas Speech of 1862 (this was added simply for reference: I think, he was such an extraordinary individual that this work would not be complete if I did not transcribe his speech here),19) Continuity Statement, 20) “About Me,” 21) “R2X Blog,”

Needless to say, you don’t have to follow that trail, it’s just that the continuity of the entire theme will come together with greater clarity if you follow my recommendation. On the other hand, if you find it better to do it differently, by all means, be my guest. All I ask is that you let me know the order that you find best for YOU.

You can do that by forwarding your comments to hanksartistic@gmail.com.

Whatever the case, thanks for sharing my hot button!

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