This is the home of “Race to Excellence: Revisited.” The original was published and copyright (c) 2002. However, it was written prior to the turn  of the century (the year 2000).

Unfortunately, if you look at where we were then and compare it to where we are now; it would appear, when it comes to racial harmony, we have taken a step backward. That’s unfortunate. This stab at “Race to Excellence: Revisited” is intended to provide reasons for the decline (then as well as now), actually, the reasons are the same).

As an extremely brief overview, allow me to simply identify my intent for writing the original. I wanted to reveal the reasons for resentment by “Americans of color” toward so-called white Americans  (legitimate reasons, I might add). However, I also wanted to reveal the fact that past reasons, though legitimate, have little to do with the hear-and-now. In our “Race to Excellence” we attempted to nail the reasons for an obvious disparity in outcomes of the two races. I did that, identified the cause of the problem, and termed the cause, “The Enemy”.

In this “Race to Excellence: Revisited,” I simply and succinctly nail “The Enemy” and his technique, I also identify “Thinking Errors,” and the insidious application to our people.

I’m edgy, so let’s not waste time prolonging this overview.

You are invited to tag along as we share my views.

Oh, one more thing: I am American, my heritage is African. For those of you who may wonder why I do not refer to myself as African-American, the answer is complex and likely to cause argument. However, in my opinion, an individual should not and cannot legitimately, split his allegiance, he is either one thing or the other. In other words, in this case, his allegiance is to America or to Africa. The great thing about America is, he can have, or attempt to make it, the best of both worlds. If a person is not convinced of his allegiance, conflict will draw him out. I identify “The Enemy” and his insidious methods because “he” will attempt to gain favor by engaging in use of a portion of truth and adding his own brand of spin.

One more thing, the mark of truth is consistency. In other words, when an individual considers a statement as factual, for him to agree with the statement, he should match the statement with other facts that are “known.” When the two facts do not agree, there is reason to consider that one of the so-called facts is not true.

I said that to say that since my position is offered as reasonable and consistent, please allow me a little time to give you cause to acknowledge reasons to embrace my position. Then we can have common ground to debate the truth or falsity of it.

Meanwhile, like the wrestling guy likes to say, “Let’s get ready RUMBLE!

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