Thinking Error III

To continue with our next thinking error theme: it is estimated that greater than ninety percent of black Americans vote straight democrat ticket. Does that make sense? Sure it does, if what the big government proponents say is true. The fact is, blacks have embraced the Democrat party almost totally since the end of WW II.

Let’s take a look, see if we can determine the reason, and its possible validity.

A Councilman in the great state of Louisiana, was responsible for quite a run on the noted U-Tube. The reason was, he had changed his political allegiance from Democrat to Republican Party. His performance was superb! One of the things he pointed out was part of what I am about to reveal. Hold on to your seat as we begin.

In 1856, the U.S. electorate formed a new political home for the ideological foundation of our congressional legislators: they named it the Republican Party: they supported limited government, individual rights, and rejected slavery.

Abraham Lincoln was their choice for the presidency. In one of his speeches he said, the controversy over strategic positions, was an effort to dominate the fundamental moral issue; it was, he said, “…the difference between the men who think slavery a wrong and those who do not.” “The Republican Party think it wrong; we think it is a moral, a social and a political wrong. He went on to explain why.

You can see his comments here in chapter six, “Men of Character.” Also, there are other books you can review that appear in my bibliography.

Why did I resurrect this Abraham Lincoln statement? Good question! The answer is: I did it because of my previous statement, “it is estimated that more than ninety percent of blacks across America vote democrat.” That seems to be out of place, an apparent contradiction. Keep in mind now, I’m not Republican, nor am I Democrat: I am an American patriot; however, that has nothing to do with contradictions: contradictions do not exist, so let’s see if we can unravel the source of the apparent problem here.

You may not agree with my term “problem,” nevertheless, please allow me to identify the reason a high percentage of blacks vote Democrat. It may not be the result of thinking error. You be the judge. Incidentally, you can go back to chapter nine, “The Organization of Protest,” and see the full report for this next one.

By the fall of 1940, national defense programs had gotten under way, but there was a problem with the silent partners: only about ten percent of all defense contractors employed black workers in their plants in other than menial capacities. The Roosevelt administration recommended that something be done to correct the situation; however, they were told that “local customs” would not support a policy-change relating to blacks. Nevertheless, the administration set up a Fair Employment-Practices Committee to investigate defense industry policy. The Committee developed a hearing procedure and through its use, was instrumental in opening up job opportunities for blacks, particularly in new industries.

At that time, no one suspected how instrumental that stance would be in providing the impetus of near total domination of the black vote for the democrat party  The result would tend to verify that honest black Americans, like any other honest American, doesn’t want a handout, he simply wants the opportunity to be a productive member of society. In other words, earning a wage via a job is the desire of every honest American. Black Americans are no exception.

We might take this opportunity to look at another example of apparent contradictions. During the mid 1960’s, one of the attacks on freedom took a direct hit when the federal government initiated its “War on Poverty” program. That’s when the Office of Economic Opportunity (OEO) was created. A little more than two years later, Washington began referring to the program in the past tense.

The only unresolved problem was whether the agency was a combat victim in the “War on Poverty” or a casualty of domestic politics and bureaucratic infighting. Whichever the case, everyone wanted a piece of the “free” money. (“thinking error,” there is no such thing as free money. There is a price for everything: someone must pay the price!)

The supposed intent was to aid the poor; however, the problem was, part of the program actually resulted in rewarding immoral behavior, and tended to wreck family-unity rather than enhance it.

There is no doubt about it, without the family unit, and the strength that such a unity produces, it was very difficult then, and maybe even more so now, for progress to accelerate. Indeed, without unity (family relations, race relations, etc.), it is difficult to entertain progress at all.

In 1995 the honorable Louis Farrakhan hit upon the idea of a “Million Man March” on Washington. The supposed purpose of the gathering together of black Americans was to identify the need for unity. The “March” was extraordinarily successful in and of itself; however, there was no follow up and no plan to further unify black Americans. The result was failed symbolism as opposed to truth and the American way of rugged individualism where anybody can achieve anything they want; however, there is a price. The price is not entitlements, or handouts, and no free meals. This aftermath of the “March,” offers further proof that the demagogues would rather prove to their followers they are victims, and the only way for them to rise above victimization is to depend on the government to save them. (“Thinking error!”)

However, placing that entirely aside, the primary thing we should consider is that all roadblocks of any significance have been officially removed from outside themselves. Government can remove external roadblocks: however, primarily, the only ones still in place are those inside: the perception, attitude, responsibility and accountability roadblocks. I know, I know, the bigots and racists (an arm of the enemy) are still out there: of that there is no doubt. However, what we need to understand is that they are such a small force that without our help they don’t matter. They can’t affect us in the long term in any substantive way. I repeat: they cannot do it without our help.

One more thing before we leave this topic: we must be ever vigilant to insure that the local policing authorities do not let up in their pursuit of, and attention to, those of us who exhibit abnormal and hateful behavior. This should be true whether the offenders be black or non-black. Stephen Douglas had the right idea in his Freeport speech, though he was on the wrong side of justice. He said, “…injustice cannot exist a day or an hour anywhere, unless it is supported by local law enforcement officials.”

At this point, I would be remiss on this issue if I did not comment on the infantile and immoral idea of “hate crime” legislation. A crime is a crime, is a crime; the mental character of the criminal should in no way effect the consequences of his or her actions. When a person’s rights are violated, does it make a difference if the perpetrator did it through malice, hate, joy, or just immaturity? I think not, and neither should any justly legislated law. That’s what was meant when whoever-it-is said “justice is blind.” In other words, when a crime is committed, the legal consequences should be exacting and objective. There is no doubt that mitigating circumstances may exist; however, in such instances, that is where a jury of the offender’s peers determine the guilt or innocence, the judge determines the penalty.

In his book titled, “Why We Can’t Wait,” Doctor King noted that other than the Civil War and Reconstruction, no period in American history was as explosive and meaningful as was the period of the civil rights struggle of the mid 1900’s to alter the life of black Americans. In addition, no period records so many chinks in the Roadblocks of the frozen patterns of segregation and discrimination; hence, the roadblocks of American progress.

So now, the Roadblock of racism, just as is true with all the others, can be easily eliminated simply because of understanding the root cause of it and cultivating an attitude that says, “I came, I saw, I conquered, and I will not be denied.”

However, internal Roadblocks still exist, and guess what? Today, our misleaders (liberal and conservative, Democrats and Republicans alike) are supporting the means of strengthening those Roadblocks by supporting irresponsible government-supported give-away programs, better known as “entitlements.” But, you say, “Not everybody is strong, some individuals need help!” That’s true; nevertheless, the only entitlement in a free society is opportunity.

The thinking error by the average man on the street is that the government provides opportunity. The government doesn’t provide opportunity, it does promote it by removing business restrictions in such a way that aids and fosters growth.

Incidentally, my hero is the disabled lad or lass working in the grocery store, hardware store or any place that demands accountability and results. That’s my daily hero, in addition to our military and others who are part of our way of life.

Behavior is the result of perception; however, as we noted earlier, “the enemy” use words to activate the suit of victimization, insecurity, and fear. Their aim is to increase the power of government thereby decreasing the power of the individual. The result is a weakening of resolve and determination by individuals, an increase in violence, and a reduction of positive performance.

Now is the time for a brief interlude. However, before we continue, a point must be clearly stated (again): the foregoing was noted to educate, not to agitate. Americans need not suffer pangs of victimization, inferiority or superiority. In the same vein, other Americans need not suffer pangs of guilt, superiority or inferiority. It might be considered a point of infamy, or man’s inhumanity to man, which it is; however, it is really simply a point of reference. It is also used to highlight the importance of participating in the act of voting. When a person selects a candidate to represent him/her in the legislature (Democrat, Republican, or other), listen to the words he uses, look at the deeds he has performed. The question to be asked is, do the words match the deeds?

In recent years “The American Way” has been long on words and short on deeds; however, because of the dumbing down of America’s youth during the past few years, more and more adults are swallowing flowery words “hook, line, and sinker.” The result is seen in the TV/movies we applaud and the songs we sing: not to mention the legislators we elect.

We still have a way to go in our pursuit of fully grappling with winning the “Race to Excellence.” So, let us continue our march toward finalizing our effort.

Dr. King’s message emanated from the passion of love for his fellow man and a passionate belief that when good people see and understand the error of their ways, they will conform to the righteousness of love. He believed that the most effective and lasting method to bring change to a free society is through non-violence. Not everyone agrees with that stance; the question is, if non-violence is not seen as a solution to improper behavior, what is the alternative. That’s an easy one. VIOLENCE!





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